90 Weirdest Phobias

  1. Ablutophobia: Fear of washing or bathing
  2. Aerophobia: Fear of swallowing air
  3. Ambulophobia: Fear of walking
  4. Anablephobia: Fear of looking up
  5. Anemophobia: Fear of wind
  6. Anthrophobia: Fear of flowers
  7. Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
  8. Arithmophobia: Fear of numbers
  9. Aulophobia: Fear of flutes
  10. Auroraphobia: Fear of Northern Lights
  11. Barophobia: Fear of gravity
  12. Basophobia: Fear of walking
  13. Batophobia: Fear of being close to high buildings
  14. Bibliophobia: Fear of books
  15. Blennophobia: Fear of slime
  16. Bogyphobia: Fear of the bogeyman
  17. Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting
  18. Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors
  19. Chaetophobia: Fear of hair
  20. Chionophobia: Fear of snow
  21. Chromatophobia: Fear of colors
  22. Chronophobia: Fear of time
  23. Cibophobia: Fear of food
  24. Clinophobia: Fear of going to bed
  25. Cnidophobia: Fear of string
  26. Deciophobia: Fear of making decisions
  27. Dendrophobia: Fear of trees
  28. Dextrophobia: Fear of objects at the right side of the body
  29. Didaskaleinophobia: Fear of school
  30. Eisoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors
  31. Eleutherophobia: Fear of freedom
  32. Eosophobia: Fear of daylight
  33. Epistemophobia: Fear of knowledge
  34. Ergophobia: Fear of work
  35. Ereuthophobia: Fear of the color red
  36. Geliophobia: Fear of laughter
  37. Geniophobia: Fear of chins
  38. Genuphobia: Fear of knees
  39. Geumaphobia: Fear of taste
  40. Gnosiophobia: Fear of knowledge
  41. Graphophobia: Fear of writing
  42. Heliophobia: Fear of the sun
  43. Helmintophobia: Fear of being infested with worms
  44. Hemophobia: Fear of blood
  45. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words
  46. Homichlophobia: Fear of fog
  47. Hypnophobia: Fear of sleep
  48. Ichthyophobia: Fear of fish
  49. Ideophobia: Fear of ideas
  50. Kainophobia: Fear of anything new
  51. Kathisophobia: Fear of sitting down
  52. Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables
  53. Leukophobia: Fear of the color white
  54. Levophobia: Fear of objects to the left side of the body
  55. Linonophobia: Fear of string
  56. Logophobia: Fear of words
  57. Melanophobia: Fear of the color black
  58. Melophobia: Fear of music
  59. Metrophobia: Fear of poetry
  60. Mnemophobia: Fear of memories
  61. Mottephobia: Fear of moths
  62. Nebulaphobia: Fear of fog
  63. Neophobia: Fear of anything new
  64. Nephophobia: Fear of clouds
  65. Nomatophobia: Fear of names
  66. Octophobia: Fear of the number 8
  67. Ommetaphobia: Fear of eyes
  68. Oneirophobia: Fear of dreams
  69. Ophthalmophobia: Fear of opening one's eyes
  70. Ostraconophobia: Fear of shellfish
  71. Panophobia: Fear of everything
  72. Papyrophobia: Fear of paper
  73. Paraskavedekatriaphobia: Fear of Friday the 13th
  74. Peladophobia: Fear of bald people
  75. Phobophobia: Fear of fear
  76. Photophobia: Fear of light
  77. Phronemophobia: Fear of thinking
  78. Pogonophobia: Fear of beards
  79. Sciophobia: Fear of shadows
  80. Scolionophobia: Fear of school
  81. Selenophobia: Fear of the moon
  82. Siderophobia: Fear of stars
  83. Sitophobia: Fear of food
  84. Sophophobia: Fear of learning
  85. Stasibasiphobia: Fear of walking
  86. Thaasophobia: Fear of sitting
  87. Trichopathophobia: Fear of hair
  88. Triskadekaphobia: Fear of the number 13
  89. Verbophobia: Fear of words
  90. Xanthophobia: Fear of the color yellow


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At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I have a fear of long fingernails. Do you know what that phobia is called?

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I have a fear of long fingernails. Do you know what that phobia is called?

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Mark Reaves said...

Very Interesting indeed. Useless for me to know, but interesting.

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At 5:33 AM, Blogger ДншдЬ said...

Fear of sitting appears twice:
once as "Cathisophobia" and then as "Thaasophobia" :)

At 9:09 PM, Blogger On Durgs said...

I have only 12 of these.

At 4:02 AM, Blogger Afonso said...

oh, come on, everyone has 'Ergophobia'...
Nice post :D

At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Linda N said...

Maybe it's just cold and flue season, but in our house, fear of slime and fear of the bogeyman seem to be closely related. And you have them listed consecutively on your report. Hmm.

Please pass the Kleenex!



At 6:20 PM, Blogger Karma by Morgan said...

hahah some of those are ridiculous

I think im only really afraid of snakes and aids and stds.

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aurora is my 5 year old daughter's name! Auroraphobia! LOL!!!

At 2:07 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

Wow I have a few of those, but am not saying which ones lol. Great post and great blog!

At 10:40 AM, Blogger The Raider said...

Those phobias look ridiculous :D


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