A 4-legged human baby

An infant born with four legs, three hands, three kidneys and an abnormal liver to a rural Zambian woman two weeks ago, is pictured in Lusaka, July 2, 2003. Doctors at Zambia's main Lusaka University Teaching Hospital said July 3, 2003 the babies deformities were caused by incomplete growth of another fetus and multiplication of cells. They said the baby, whose is yet to be named, would be operated upon and is likely

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Dancing Dolphin

Always try to do what you are taught, it can sometimes lead to beautiful things...

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Amazingly fat cats

This is one of the most amusing post I’ve seen in quite a while. It features 15 amazingly fat cats - or as they write over at Neatorama - “fat-tastic” fat cats.

Top 15 amazingly fat cats

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Cruz Hernandez’s birthday

Today it’s the birthday of Cruz Hernandez - a quite unusual lady living in San Agustin, El Salvador. What’s so special about her? Well, today she celebrates her 128th birthday, and she’s the oldest living human on the planet. She was born in 1878 and has 60 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren and 25 great-great grandchildren.

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Weird Moustaches

Here’s a gallery of weird moustaches and beards. I’m not sure if I see the point in having a moustache like that…hehe.

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Cool Jeep

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Baseball Phobia

Does the bat looks real Scary ?

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His Cock

Want people to remember your name - get a name like this

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Political Shit or Crack Negotiating Team Needed

Is this a good representation of the problem in the Middle East or what? Maybe we can wipe the problem clean and flush the political shit.

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3d Tattoo

Cool a 3d tattoo, but the arm looks a little weak...

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Hauling a Heavy Load

Its time to cut out the sweets and maybe a couple of those midnight snacks...

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Not a Child's Play

These Kids have Love For these Pythons .
R u scared of them?

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